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Starting 16 June

Tackling your practice
A 8 Week journey through the Trevor Wye practice books 

This book is probably one of the most useful books around, yet it can be incredibly overwhelming for many players, especially developing players. So, this course offers you two things:


1. A guide through all six books, step by step with practice plans and practice suggestions.  

2. Alternative exercises and practice resources for the less advanced players to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to be able to effectively tackle Trevor Wye's materials.

This course will run on Patreon and will be at your own pace. We kick off on the 16th of June and each week there will be a video with practice plans and resources, however, you can work at whatever pace suits you! Ready to tackle your practice?

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Past events

27 June
1 - 3 pm EST

Performance Practice Workshop with Dr Bridget Rennie-Salonen

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Performance can be scary, whether we perform for our cat, spouse, friends, or strangers. So often I have heard of players who are afraid to let their neighbors hear them play or practice. Even if we do not intend to perform for anyone, our lack of confidence, while playing, inhibits our ability to express ourselves freely and find joy in our playing and practice. So, are you ready to face your fear?


This month, we take a deep look at our anxieties around performance and practice and how to manage them. Dr Bridget Rennie-Salonen, an esteemed player, performer, and educator, guides us through some helpful and practical ways to master ourselves better and perform with more confidence. You can learn more about Bridget, our resident well-being expert, here


Cost: $20 which you can pay this quickly and easily on PayPal (if you sign up using the link below, I take you through this process step by step). Free for all members of my technique and performers classes. ​


Just hit the sign-up button below and I will walk you through the process step by step.

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29 June 
1 pm EDT

Let's Hang Out
Live Q & A on Zoom

So many of you may not consider yourselves musicians, yet you are! You play an instrument and you make music, no matter how simple, and that makes you an amateur musician. Wooohooo! So, let's chat a bit more about this and what it takes to grow your musician muscles.

What is this Hangout all about?

Once a month a group of players from all over the world meets online on Zoom. We chat, share some stories and I give all of you a chance to ask me all your flute-related questions. For those of you who are a bit camera-shy, you can join these sessions and leave your camera off, meaning you can be with others without even showing your face! Occasionally, we also invite other flute teachers, and players in the flute world to join us and we have a moment to ask them some of our big questions too. Sound fun?