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23 May

1 - 3 pm EDT

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Flute Tone Workshop

Are you ready to explore and re-imagine your flute tone? This month, we will be doing just that in a fun, interactive workshop on Zoom. 

In the first half of the workshop, I will be going over some of the basics around flute tone, helping us explore, discover and unlock some of the magic hidden in our instruments. My goal is to give each of you the tools to play with and discover your sound! In the second half of the workshop I will take some time to work will individual members of the class on their tone problems.

Cost: $20 (You can pay this quickly and easily on PayPal (if you sign up using the link below, I take you through this process step by step).  For all members of my technique classes, this session is FREE for you and forms part of your technique class this week. Spots are filling fast!

You can join as an active participant (playing along and being willing to have me work with you in front of everyone else) or passive, just observing and asking questions. 

My goal is to help each of you walk away with some tools to really work on and improve on your current hand position. 

Just hit the sign-up button below and I will walk you through the process step by step.

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