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So many people harbor a dream to play an instrument and find meaningful joy in this expressive art form. For many, this dream seems daunting and unattainable but online learning has made it possible for you to learn an instrument from the comfort of your own home. The Flute Practice is a hub of online flute learning that supports, inspires and motivates flutists from all over the world. 

Perhaps you are just starting out? Perhaps you are picking up the instrument again after many years? Perhaps you are taking lessons, or are not and need something to help keep you going? Either way, welcome to your online practice and learning space. 

The Flute Practice provides professional, engaging and fun resources and services on various online platforms. The core of our philosophy is that learning should be excellent and fun. We provide highly informative YouTube videos, specialized online courses, fun sheet music, effective practice resources, one-on-one online lessons and consultations, and supportive online communities. 

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About me...

Who am I? My name is Tatiana and I am a flutist from Cape Town who studied here and in Vienna (University of Music and Performing Arts). You are welcome to check out my LinkedIn profile for more details (click here), but the most important thing to know about me is that I am deeply passionate about helping people find freedom and joy in this amazing instrument. I love seeing people learn and grow and I am committed to being part of your journey, helping you reach your potential.  With over 10 years of teaching experience and many hours of practice and performance, I am truly excited to share knowledge with you and inspire and motivate you on your journey. 

Sheet Music and

practice resources

Free and paid sheet music, etudes, and technical exercises

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Patreon communities to support, share and grow

Helping host and put together workshops, seminars, and masterclasses locally and online

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Online Flute learning

Online flute communities

 Masterclasses, workshops,

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