The Flute Practice Club

Learning alone is fun but learning together is better!

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What is it?


The Practice Club is a community of flute players from all over the world who come together in their practice to support, grow, encourage and learn from each other. The main community space is the Facebook group where Tatiana provides regular practice challenges, additional practice resources, and priority access to other events and workshops. You can post practice videos, or videos of you doing the challenges, ask questions, share ideas and resources and interact with a wonderfully supportive community. 

What is included in The Practice Club?


Joining the practice club gives you access to:

  • The Facebook group with regular practice challenges and teaching materials

  • Special practice resources and sheet music

  • Access to the monthly hangout on Zoom or a recording of it (See more details below)

  • An amazing community of flutists who help support and encourage your flute learning journey!


What is the monthly Hangout?

Monthly Hangouts (LIVE Q & A on Zoom)


Once a month a group of players from all over the world meets online on Zoom. We chat, share some stories and I give all of you a chance to ask me all your flute-related questions. For those of you who are a bit camera-shy, you can join these sessions and leave your camera off, meaning you can be with others without even showing your face! Occasionally, we also invite other flute teachers, and players in the flute world to join us and we have a moment to ask them some of our big questions too. Sound fun? 

The session takes place every 3rd or 4th week of the month. See the details below for the upcoming hangout.

Upcoming session:  24 March @ 1 PM EDT

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Join us for a chat about all things practice. The Flute Practice team share their favorite practice tips and suggestions with the community!


How do I join?


Joining is very easy and you have a few options available to you. The first is to become a member on Patreon and join the "Practice Club" tier there. You will get access to the Facebook group and we can get you started on your journey! You pay month to month, and you can leave whenever you want to (we don't think you will want to though!).


The other option is to become a subscriber through PayPal. It's easy to do and you can also cancel any time and you receive access to the group through us directly. 

If you wish to join a single hangout session, you can also pay once off for the upcoming hangout. Just be sure to click on "return to merchant" to receive the sign up link for the upcoming hangout. 

Subscribe and join the Club or join a Hangout individually for $10 a month



Join the Patreon family on the $10 or more tier and get access to the Hangout there.


Use PayPal to Join The Practice Club and start your journey in this amazing community!