Courses for every flutist!

Getting back into your flute playing? Perhaps you have been away from your instrument, and are looking for somewhere to start again. Check out these great courses to help kickstart your journey and get you back on track! You can do them at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home and you get to choose if you would like to do it on your own, or as part of an awesome community!

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Tackling your practice

Do you want to get lighter, clearer, and more effortless tonguing? You are not alone and this course is designed to help you do just that while exploring other important aspects of articulation. 

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Finding your flute tone

Are you struggling with your tone? Join on the journey that will help you to explore and discover your flute tone. We walk you through the fundamentals and help you figure out where you may have missed a step that is preventing you from finding your best sound!

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Flute Boot Camp

30 days, 30 challenges, and so much to learn! Join this FREE 30-day adventure and kickstart your flute journey! There are options for less advanced and even beginner players doing this course.



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The Flute Scale Workshop 
(part 2)

Transform your overwhelm into great practice. We continue the flute scale journey, tackling the scales with 3 and 4 sharps and flats in them. We recommend this part of the journey for all intermediate-advanced players.

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Letting Go

Join this 6-week journey and find freedom in your sound, breathing, support, fingers, and much more. This course is great for adult beginners who are getting back into their flute playing after many years away from the instrument. 

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Tackling your Practice

Take a dive through your flute practice and the Trevor Wye Practice Books with this 8-week course. While the Trevor Wye books are fairly advanced, there are practice resources and exercises for less advanced players. 

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7 days of gentle warm up stretches for musicians

Did you know that doing gentle stretches before, during, and after practice can not only help reduce pain and prevent injury but also improve your practice? We do and created this course to help you FEEL the difference in your practice too!

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Flute Scale Workshop

Join this remarkable step-by-step journey toward learning your scales while improving your tone, breathing, articulation, finger technique, and much more. This course is structured to be suitable for players of varying levels! 

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