Tackling your Practice

What it is:

Tackling your Practice is an 8-week video course taking you through various aspects of your flute playing and practice. This series of videos and resources works step-by-step through all 6 of the Trevor Wye Practice books, from start to finish! It’s a perfect course for any of you who feel really overwhelmed by these books, and just don’t know where to start. There are also resources and alternative exercises for less advanced players, so you do not need to own the book in order to benefit from the series.  If you want to have some fun with a course that will teach you all about tone, technique, breathing, articulation, scales, and more, this is a great one for you! Because it is a video course, you can work at it in your own time in the comfort of your own home! 

Course outline

How to join this course

The series starts on June 16th on Patreon and in the Practice Club group and runs until the end of August, but you can do it at any time and at your own pace! 


There are 8 videos with practice charts and plans, and 5 additional technical resources. The videos are spaced out over 2.5 months to allow you some small breaks in between. 


You have two methods of signing up for this course:


  1. Join Patreon and be part of the journey there. You can join any tier, but I recommend at least the $4 tier for all the additional resources and access to the learning platform. 

  2. Join our brand-new Flute Practice Club! This will give you access to the course, all materials, a live Q and A, as well as an amazing community of flute players from around the world practicing and growing together!

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What about less advanced players?

Each week there are practice resources, plans and charts for the less advanced players. These are alternative exercises to the Wye books and in some cases may be equally useful for more advanced players too!

There are essentially 5 sections all part of Your First  Flute TECHNIQUE book;


1. Your first TONE exercises

2. Your first TECHNICAL exericses

3. Your first ARTICULATION exericses

4. Your first INTONATION exercises

5. Your first BREATHING exericses

Each week the download is available, but click on the images here to get each section of the book.